"Carlos II"

Kit Martin of M16 unexpectedly receives an invite to a retirement party at the Russian embassy in London. It is here that a favour is repaid.

Carlos II is a Spanish registered freighter. He learns it is poised to leave Murmansk, reputedly exporting wheat from Russia. Considering the tip was given, from a Russian agent on recall, Kit is naturally curious. This curiosity soon turns to suspicion, and as Kit is sent to investigate. An explosive adventure unfolds from the North Atlantic to the Mediterranean.

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"No Replacement"

Having returned from retirement to investigate the Carlos II affair and to avenge the death of his friend and colleague Stuart.

Kit Martin is once again is drafted back into service. Sir Edward is relying on Kit to investigate a rumour that a senior cabinet minister is having an affair. Kit is initially reserved insisting that he is ‘No Replacement’ for Stuart. Yet he accepts.

Believing his role to be just one of surveillance to confirm or deny the affair. Kit is shocked when he witnesses the murder of the Minister’s mistress. Now involved not only as a witness, he begins an investigation which takes him into the world of aristocracy, politics, prostitution and the SAS.

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"And so to Return"

In this exciting and unique thriller, James Hayward-Searle draws upon the heightened realism of real-life location and accurate descriptions. Words paint pictures.

Kit Martin still a young man, yet contemplating retirement. Having emptied his PO box, the mail, a crested envelope caught his attention. He turned it in his hands. the Crest he knew, was Lord Strutt ex-military, although dated, well-known within British intelligence. He was intrigued.

An invite, to a shooting party and dinner at Gouthwaite Hall, fell into his lap. The invite surprised him, there must be a reason.

But what was the real reason? Lord Strutt, ‘never a move without a purpose.’ On arrival, Kit learned the eldest daughter had gone missing. There is a ransom note, but outdated, is it genuine? The family banker and trustee heaps pressure on the Estate, but why? A financial advisor from the city, is he all he appears, a world-renowned art dealer and valuer, is he really a friend?

An ‘overdose’ of fast-paced danger, drugs, suicide and murder.

An intriguing story with many true facts for you to dwell on!

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"The Qube"

Relaxing at his club in London, Kit is again asked a favour, Kit not wishing to disappoint the inimitable Sir Charles Montreux, a renowned computer scientist. He accepts. his task to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Lady Montreux. But there is more to it than first appears. someone seems determined to keep it a secret with deadly consequences.

Kit finds an unlikely accomplice in the beautiful young Paris. together with the old firm's assistance and, American friends, they discovered not just a missing lady Montreux, but a missing super-yacht and more importantly the missing supercomputer. The Qube. but who wants it and why?

All he knows is that world peace is at stake, he must find it before darker forces do

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